How to Protect Your Puppy from Health Problems

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If you have a puppy, you want to keep him healthy, happy, and safe. It’s important to give him the right food for puppies. Moreover, you also need to give him some exercises. Sometimes you also have to take him to your vet. In addition, your dog will get benefits from grooming. As a pet owner, you should keep these tasks in mind. Check out this article to learn how to prevent your pup from health problems.

  1. Provide Food & Water

Give your pet with fresh water

Hydration plays an important role in maintaining your dog good health, especially for active dogs. Depending on your dog’s size, breed, and environment, you can determine the amount of water you need to give him.

Your dog’s water bowl needs to be filled with clean and fresh water every day. It’s best to use a water bowl made of stainless steel material. Avoid using ones made of plastic because they can cause allergies to your pet.

Provide him with healthy dog foods

Talk to your vet and ask him for the right dog food you can feed your puppy. As an owner, you need to give your dog protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in his diet. Besides, avoid choosing foods with fillers, preservatives, or sugars. After your dog is 1 year old, you only have to feed him once a day. For younger ones, it’s essential to feed them more often. Your vet will give you a great feeding schedule.

Give him treats when needed

There are many different forms of dog treats. So, it’s better if you ask your vet for the best one for your dog. Be careful! Don’t provide your pet with human foods as a treat. It’s vital to give him the foods that are suitable for your dog’s digestive systems as well as his body. Even, you can also make pet treats yourself at home. Only do that if you know the exact things you can give your pet.

  1. Tend to Your Dog

Exercise your pet regularly

Depending on your dog, you can know the length of the workout. It’s a good idea to give small dogs 2 short walks per day. For large ones, you should give two outings such as a long walk or a run. Normally, younger dogs will want more exercise compared to the older ones. Regular exercise plays an important role in his health. It helps to promote your dog’s immune system. Also, it protects him from getting sickness and disease.

Remember to ask your bet before you give your pet a run. For dogs that are under 18 months old, don’t give them regular jog. Other dogs may suffer from hip problems as well as other issues. Running is not a good choice for them.

Groom your pet regularly

Your dog needs regular bathing, brushing, and grooming. In fact, grooming him regularly can help to keep his hair, skin, and nails clean. In order to protect your furry friend from skin infections, it’s important to take care of him properly. Consult with your vet to know how often you need to groom your pet. When brushing your pup, remember to watch for fleas and ticks on him.

Provide him with the right bed

You should keep your pet off the quiet and warm position. It’s a good idea to give him a dog crate. However, you also need to make some different kinds of bed for him. At the same time, provide him with a blanket and a pillow on his bed.

Play with him

Your dog needs exercise. There is a lot of games you can play with your pet. Hide and seek is actually a good game for most dogs. In addition, your dog may be keen on playing with other dogs. You can also take him to a dog park in order to take him to meet others.

  1. Keep Your Dog Healthy

Take him to a vet

In order to determine the best exercise and dog food for your dog, take him to your vet. Also, your vet will help to check for health issues. He will let you know the common health issues your dog can suffer from. Then, he gives you some useful advice on how to prevent those problems.

Vaccinate your pet

Your vet will let you know the important course of vaccinations for your furry friend. Thanks to vaccinations, you can help to protect your dog from many health problems such as parvo, distemper, and rabies.

Keep him free of parasites

Many pets suffer from problems with heartworm, ticks, fleas, as well as other parasites. Consult your vet for the medicines and remedies. It’s important to keep your pup free of parasites in order to maintain his good health. Once you see your pet start to act differently, it’s time to check with your vet to know whether he gets parasites.

Check him often for potential health problems

If you notice your pet begin displaying any signs of sickness, it’s important to keep these symptoms from getting worse immediately.

Feel his body to know whether his skin has lumps below. They can show health problems

Examine his orifices to know if there are blood, discharge, and some other abnormal matter in his body. They are common signs of sickness. In addition, it’s also important to examine the inside of his mouth.

Clean up his excrement regularly

You know, your dog may get ill if you let him expose to feces consistently. That’s why you have to remove his feces from your yard in order to keep his environment clean for his health.


When you have a puppy, you have to keep him away from pesticides, toxic household chemicals, as well as other dangerous items to him. Store them far away from places your dog can access. At the same time, don’t forget to remove poisonous plants from your yard. They are actually harmful to your pet’s health.

Author: Digvijaya Singh