Aquarium Filters – Know Your Options

If you have an aquarium, importance of proper filtering cannot be stressed more. In fact, a fish tank filter performs the most important task to keep the fishes lively, healthy and happy. It eliminates chemical pollutants and other wastes from the water, thereby creating a healthy environment for the aquatic life.

There is an interesting diversity in fish tank filters. With different models and brands available, it might feel like an overwhelming task to make the right choice. Confusion gets to a new high for people with their newly discovered obsession with aquatic life in aquarium. Despite some minor to major differences in designs and prices, they have some characteristics in common.

Go through the write-up to know different types of filters and their impact on aquariums:

Canister Filters

This type suctions the water out of your aquarium. The canister filters pump water through the canister split between different chambers where biological, chemical and mechanical filtration takes place. Canister filters are best for those who don’t have much of time for aquarium maintenance.

As canister filters are fitted outside of the tank, so they are easy to clean and don’t create a mess. On the downside, they come at a high price.

Sponge Filters

They belong to the bracket of the low-priced filters though offer high-grade filtration performance. These filters come with a sponge head and thus, they have got the name. The suction tube has one of its ends attached to the sponge head that performs biological and mechanical filtration.

This type needs regular maintenance, otherwise, filters may get jammed. Sponge filters are ideal for small aquariums and weak fishes as sponge head lessens the suction strength of the pump.

Diatom Filters

These filters are designed to ensure one of the best filtration experiences for the aquarium owners. These filters feature micro earth particles that do an excellent filtration work. They are capable of filtering out even the tiniest waste matter. Like canister filters, diatom filters are also expensive. Furthermore, they need high care, special handling and regular maintenance.

The diatom media is so tiny that even your accidental breathing it in may harm your lungs. Therefore, diatom aquarium filters are ideal for the more experienced breeders who have special fishes that need some special care.

Corner Filters

Your search for the cheapest filters ends here! Are they functional too? Experts suggest that you should skew your attention to something else. The filter media, which is usually a sponge, is set in a box that soaks water from the tank and it’s not hygienic at all. Cleaning the media is an uphill task as you have to remove the whole filter inside the aquarium and then take out the filter media. Cleaning process requires you to place your hand inside the tank and that’s not healthy for aquatic creatures.

Author: Digvijaya Singh