Responsible Pet Ownership: A dedicated Pet Camera

   That is right, I said it right here, not just a surveillance camera, but a dedicated pet camera. A camera that is designed for responsible pet owners for pet safety and improving pet health by promoting owner interaction even while they are away from home. Technological wonders aside, there are more fundamental reasons for owning this kind of gadget other than being cool. Being a pet owner myself, I have always wondered about my pets “secret life” what do these critters do when we are not around? Below are 3 major reasons WHY you, as a responsible pet owner, should have a pet camera installed.

They need monitoring, period

Pets, especially high spirited and energetic dogs can get into all sorts of trouble. Think of having a pet in the same way as having a rebellious teenage kid. Unsupervised they are bound to get themselves into situations that may hurt your furniture, themselves, or other people. You can save your pets life just by catching him chew on and ingest something toxic or poisonous. There are lots of stories where owners prevented something horrible just by looking at their pet cams. Most pet cameras have sound and motion detectors and the more advanced ones can actually detect what your pet is doing and send alerts to your phone.

Like Babies, They cannot tell you how they feel

Have you ever heard someone tell you about the loss of their pet by saying, “I never knew my pet is sick, he seemed fine!”. That is one more reason for a pet camera. The only way we can tell if our pet is sick is if they are doing something out of the ordinary and displaying odd behavior. Sleeping for too long and laying in the same position for long periods of time is a sure indication that something is wrong. By regularly looking at footage from your pet camera you as the owner can detect these signs early on and do preventive measures. Only by knowing their habits and visual clues can we notice that our pets are not feeling their usual selves and not feeling well.

They absolutely need attention from you

Pet owners are often referred to as the animals “masters” and nowhere is this truer than to the animals themselves. I have personally seen a dog wag its tail so forcefully out of joy upon seeing its owner that its whole body was actually wagging. Having a pet camera that will allow you to interact with your dog from a distance will mean the world to your pets. Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason, and that is because of, they ARE.

Author: Digvijaya Singh